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Research Handbook: Quoting

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A quotation, or quote, is a group of words taken from a text or other source and repeated by someone other than the original author or creator. It is accompanied by context and is elaborated upon by the author of the project

  • Quotation marks always come in pairs. Do not open a quotation and fail to close it at the end of the quoted material
  • Capitalize the first letter of a direct quote when the quoted material is a complete sentence
  • Do not use a capital letter when the quoted material is a fragment or only a piece of the original material's complete sentence
  • If a direct quotation is interrupted mid-sentence, do not capitalize the second part of the quotation
  • The period always comes before the final quotation mark unless you are using a block quotation
  • When quoting text with a spelling or grammar error, transcribe the error exactly in your own text. However, also insert [sic] directly after the mistake. This tells the reader that this quote is an exact reproduction of the original and is not an error

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