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Research Handbook: Chicago Notes and Bibliography Style In-Text Citations

According to some, "quotations should be enclosed in quotation marks,"1 though others disagree. Note the use of commas between pieces of the citation, and that you do not include the indicator for page number, just the number.

According to Last Name, "quotations should be block indented."2

In general, the formatting of quotations depends on the length of the quotation.


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... and while some say that quotations are annoying, it can also be noted that

Here you will see an example of how to format a footnote or endnote for four or more authors. Note that each line is indented five spaces on the left. Note also that there are no quotation marks around the quote. You also will notice in the footnotes or endnotes that not all information is included - the full citation will appear in the Bibliography at the end of your paper or project.3

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