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First Year Seminar

A. Meet the library website

Video 1: Finding the library website and getting help


Video 2: Databases


Video 3: Ebooks



B. Learn to speak library

The following are commonly used terms in the library.

Check out

to borrow something from the library; to take something home with you from the library.  You will need to show a student ID card to check out. 

Circulation desk

the desk in the library where you can check out books and other items. 


an online, searchable collection of magazines, newspapers, books, journals, films, or other information.

Due date

the date by which you should return items you have borrowed to the library. If you keep a book past its due date, you will receive an email telling you that the book is late (or overdue) and asking you to return it. 


a faculty member who works in the library.  Librarian specialize in helping students find information; in teaching students research skills; and in acquiring and arranging information in a manner that is easy to find. 


place where you can borrow books, and get help finding information for your classes.  Students sometimes confuse library with book store.  A book store is a place where you can buy books. 

Loan period

the length of time fore which you can borrow something form the library. At the end of the loan period, you muyst return the item to the library. 


a publication (usually a collection of articles) that is issued at regular intervals.  Magazines, journals, and newspapers are all periodicals. 


something you should ask a lot of when you are in the library. We are happy to help you! 

Reference books

books such as encyclopedias and dictionaries that may only be used in the library.



C. What is a peer-reviewed journal?

In some classes, your instructor will ask you to find a peer-reviewed journal article.  This brief video will teach you more about what peer review is.