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Online Library Orientation For First Year Seminar


This activity introduces you to online library help and online library sources, available through SUNY Schenectady.

Although most sections of First Year Seminar don't include a research assignment, many of your other classes will.

Completing this activity in First Year Seminar helps ensure that when you get a research assignment in another class, you're aware of the help and sources the library makes available to you. The library is here to help you be successful in college.


Learning Outcomes For This Activity

Upon completion of this activity you will:

  1. Describe three ways you can get research help from a librarian
  2. Locate library hours on the library website
  3. Identify a source for finding articles in a subject area of your choice, on the online library
  4. Locate an ebook on a subject of your choice, on the online library


Test Your Knowledge

Before we get started, let's test your knowledge, to see what you already know (or don't know) about the library.  Since the purpose of this ungraded quiz is to gauge what you know about the library, please don't look up the answers to any of these questions. Likewise, if you don't know an answer to a question, it's fine to write "I don't know."



Use the library website to complete this activity:



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Caroline Buff
Caroline Buff
Research and Instruction Librarian