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Long Night Against Procrastination!

On Thursday, November 30, SUNY Schenectady held its first Long Night Against Procrastination (LNAP).  Library doors stayed open extra late, and during this well-attended event, students got help from tutors and librarians, met with study groups, worked on papers and homework, and enjoyed free snacks and fun study break activities.  Bacon Bits the therapy pig made an appearance, and staff provided yoga, meditation, coloring and other opportunities for fun.  The college joined over 100 other schools in the U.S. and around the world that held such an event. 

We've tentatively scheduled our next LNAP for April 2018.  We'd like to build on the success of the first event, and welcome your participation.  Perhaps you’d like to hold a study session for your students during LNAP, or hold office hours in the library that night, or have other ideas how you could help make the event a success for our students.  Please contact Siu Ng, Jacquie Keleher, Robyn King, Aubrey Seppa-Hodgkins, or Carrie Buff if you’d like to get involved. 


The following is a selection of comments received from students during the event:

“This event was completely worthwhile.”

“Thanks so much to all who were involved in the conceptualization and execution of this event! It would be fantastic to have Long Nights @ the library once or twice a month, if not more frequently! Integrating the late night schedules of our students into the campus community could be so fruitful for academic achievement, as well as retention and graduation rates”

“You guys should do this once a month, it would put me and most of the student body ahead.”


“So nice that you all put this event on for us. The pressure REALLY mounts and the end is close but still far. Everything keeps piling on and it’s nice to be thought of and taken care of for a moment.”

“It was really fun and I was able to use my time efficiently.”

“This was pretty amazing! I never seen an actual pig before this experience.”

“Must do this again.”

Teaching with trade publications

Students graduate, but just because they’re out of school doesn’t mean they should stop learning. That’s why trade journals are so useful. They’re a great way to keep up-to-date on trends and issues in the field, as well as job postings, important events, and new products. By learning to use these sources, students develop a habit that can help them for years.

Instructors are in an even better position than librarians are to show students how to use trade journals, because many of you have valuable experience in the field. If you model how to use trade journals your students will learn from your example.

Here are some suggestions for bringing trade publications into your class and using them to teach:

  • Take a few minutes at the start or end of class to pass around a recent article and explain what it means for the field or why you found it interesting or useful.
  • Alternatively, take a few minutes in each class to have a student present an article and explain how it relates to the class or to their own interests.
  • Use trade journals to spark discussion or develop students’ understanding of an issue. An article on Space Saver’s DSM evidence lockers, which provide an unattended evidence drop-off system for officers, could be part of a discussion on chain of custody.
  • Find a job description that relates to a topic or assignment. Nothing answers the question “Why do we have to learn this?” better than a job description showing that a casino dealer must be good with math, a computer programmer has to write reports, or a counselor needs to recognize age-inappropriate behavior in a patient.

By Anne Matusiewicz, Librarian

New to the library

A selection of new books, organized by call number

Holiday infographics from Statista

Find more data visualizations on Statista, one of the 90+ databases to which the library subscribes on behalf of the SUNY Schenectady community.

Infographic: Santa Claus - A Fantastic Guy  | Statista


Caroline Buff
Research and Instruction Librarian
Begley 116


In addition to editing the Begley Buzz, I oversee the library's research and instruction services, including Ask Us 24/7 online research help.  I can work with you to integrate library content into your in-person or online courses.

Contact me to explore options. 

New staff member

Come say hello to our newest staff member.  He's only around for the winter months, so be sure to stop in soon!

Student posters

Posters from Professor De Waal Malefyt's Biology II class are on display in the library. Stop by to see the good work by her students.

Our best-kept secret

Did you know that the library has a streaming film collection with over 20,000 videos you can watch online?

Find a link to Kanopy on the library's database page.  Browse the collection.  You may be pleasantly surprised with what you find.

Art in the library

Come view an exhibit of artwork from students in Schenectady City Schools, on display in Begley Library.  This piece is by Jada Etienne, Grade 3, Woodlawn Elementary School.


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