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Periodicals: About Periodicals

This research guide explains what periodicals are, what kinds of periodicals the Begley Library has, and a list of periodicals available at the library (both in print and online).

What are Periodicals?

Periodicals are publications that appear in a new edition on a regular basis, or "periodically."  The Begley Library has in its collection scholarly, trade, and popular & news periodicals.  Scholarly periodicals convey research and scholarship and are usually in the form of journals and articles.  Trade magazines contain professional (industry and career) information.  Popular magazines and newspapers communicate entertainment and information.

Note: Periodicals are not to be removed from the library.  If you're having difficulty finding the periodical you need online, you can scan or copy the print periodicals that are on display in front of the Reference Desk.  If you need help, a librarian is available for assistance.

  Scholarly Trade/Professional Popular & News
Purpose Research and scholarship Professional information Information and entertainment




Field professionals General public







Begin with abstract

End with references

Methodology included

Lengthy articles

Practitioners' views

Industry information

Discuss trends and issues

Industry advertisements

Generally easy to read

Absence of references

General advertisements